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Author: DC Department of Human Services | Format: Other

This book list for young children lists funny and silly stories.  They can help children learn to understand the world around them and bond with the adult who is sharing the story.

Author: National Association for the Education of Young Children | Format: Website

This interactive video display answers frequently asked questions about child development and growth from prenatal through adolescence.  It's a great way to learn more about what to expect in your child's growth and how to help your child develop.

Author: American Academy of Pediatrics | Format: Video

This catch-up immunization schedule explains to health care providers how and when to provide vaccines to children whose vaccines have been delayed.

Author: American Academy of Pediatrics | Format: Document

This program identifies and implements policies and strategy initiatives in various settings (such as schools, communities and health delivery systems) to promote healthy eating and active living for children, youth and families — with an emphasis on city wards where the obesity rates are...

Author: DC Department of Health | Format: Website

This website from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education describes the requirements for operating a child care program in DC. Licensing eligibility and criteria are provided, in addition to contact information for the Child Care Licensing Unit.

Author: Office of the State Superintendent of Education | Format: Website

These developmental milestone factsheets describe the important growth and new skills your child should learn as he or she grows. They are available in six different languages.

Author: DC Public Schools - Office of Special Education | Format: Document

This resource from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention provides tips and resources for parents and caregivers about how to help kids keep their teeth healthy.

Author: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Format: Website

This is the Department of Mental Health's website for children, youth and family services. The website describes the different programs and services offered through the department of health.

Author: DC Department of Mental Health | Format: Website

This list of community based service providers certified by the Office of Accountability. Contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are included.

Author: DC Department of Mental Health | Format: Website