Specialized Education

In the classroom, our educators are ready and waiting to give all students the knowledge and skills needed for success in college, careers and life. We believe that a combination of excellent teaching, strong standards and active student and family participation combine into a potent recipe for success.

Common Core State Standards are designed on the belief that all students should be held to the same high expectations, including students with specialized education needs. A student with specialized education needs is thought of as a general education student first—one who, with supports and accommodations, can be expected to proceed in the general curriculum with mastery of grade-level standards as the goal.

Students with disabilities continue to demonstrate the capacity to succeed in the general curriculum with appropriate specialized instruction, supports and accommodations. Common Core notes that instruction in reading for students with disabilities should allow for Braille, screen-reader technology or other assistive devices.

Meanwhile, writing instruction should include the use of a scribe, computer or speech-to-text technology. Similarly, Common Core provides that speaking and listening should be interpreted broadly to include sign language.

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