Student Learning Objectives

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) are measurable academic goals that teachers set for students over a course, term or academic year. 

These targeted goals provide actionable and meaningful ways for teachers and leaders to work together to support learning and quantify student achievement or growth, especially in untested grades and subjects

Under the DC Waiver, SLOs can be used to satisfy the requirement that student achievement or growth be used in teacher evaluations

Check out resources in our SLO toolkit to build your understanding of SLOs and get started on implementing the SLO process.  

Explore SLO resources for teachers such as SLO resources for administrators and evaluators offer helpful tools such as the Approval Checklist for Reviewing SLOs that can be used to guide the SLO evaluation process.


DC’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) manages an SLO community of practice that helps DC teachers and administrators

  • Understand robust resources designed to support effective teaching practice
  • Learn from the hands-on experience of DC educators
  • Get needed technical assistance and guidance on the SLO process

To request participation in our community of practice, please contact the SLO team at OSSE.