DC Lesson Plan Generator


The DC Lesson Plan Generator is a free, standards-based, online tool designed for educators to create, analyze, organize and share instructional plans that support enhanced student outcomes and mastery of knowledge and skills. 

Use the DC Lesson Plan Generator to create dynamic instructional plans and enhance your productivity: 

  • Plan and save your lesson plans in one place
  • Access your lesson plans from any Internet-enabled device
  • Share your lessons with other educators throughout the nation
  • Upload accompanying resources like videos and documents without printing them or forgetting the attachment
  • Frame your lesson plans in support of student learning goals for all of your daily, weekly and quarterly activities 

Common Core State Standards provide a clear understanding of the knowledge and skills your students should have so that you can build the best curriculum and learning environment for your classes. The DC Lesson Plan Generator is designed around deconstructed Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Math. Learning targets have been reviewed and vetted by DC educational practitioners from both public and charter schools and across a variety of disciplines in order to help educators:

  • Increase standards-based alignmentAccess analytical tools that underscore the alignment between standards and assessments (Webb's Depth of Knowledge and Bloom's Taxonomy).
  • Utilize evidenceChoose from an entire menu of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Principles that will support your lesson plan design to ensure maximum accessibility for all your learners.

Check out the DC Lesson Plan Generator and share your thoughts about the tool by emailing osse.tta@dc.gov